Modern White Cube home Wooden Cube – the beguiling beauty of minimalism

Wooden Cube parking

Its façade is made with wood and glass walls, and the perfect landscape in the midst of which it sits fits perfectly with the architecture of the structure.

The façade of the Wooden Cube home

Landscaping has been carefully considered in its design.

The task of the architects was to create a unique environment and unique corners for relaxation with all kinds of comforts.

Meticulous development of the adjacent territory perfectly blends with the layout of the house and interior decoration, harmoniously combining the style, geometric features Wooden Cube and landscape terrain.

The unusual straightforward cubic shape of the house and the view as a whole create a lot of interest.

The exterior of the Wooden Cube home

They give a unique, special beauty to the facade. Whereas the soft, artificial lighting around the perimeter of the house and in the open areas outside creates a fabulous sight, especially at night.

The exterior of the Wooden Cube house

The garden, decorated in the style of minimalism, as well as the exterior of the building, looks simple and laconic.

The terrace of the Wooden Cube home

It uses classic gravel pathway paving that echoes the home's smooth, crisp lines.

Wooden Cube patio

This stylistic unity of the building with the site is a guarantee of beauty and harmony, which will certainly be appreciated by fans of minimalism in architecture.

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