Nature as a scenic detail in the interior of Casa Cachalotes, designed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix, Lima, Peru

The exterior of Casa Cachalotes house in Peru

Casa Cachalotes was planned as a stylish, modern home that would be comfortable for a person with disabilities and their family. Every single element was of little importance in implementing the idea. Specialists note:

"The concept of the house is to create an overall internal atmosphere that helps these clients live a fulfilling lifestyle. The natural materials used in construction radiate warmth and comfort, smoothing out the specifics of the property and turning it into a comfortable apartment.".

The exterior of the Casa Cachalotes home in Peru
The terrace of Casa Cachalotes in Peru
The interior of Casa Cachalotes in Peru
Casa Cachalotes interior in Peru
The staircase of the Casa Cachalotes house in Peru

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