Original interior design of a private home with African flair

Suspended fireplace in the living room

Germans often seem to residents of our country as champions of order and standards, but they can also surprise. For example, visitors of Forum City will be interested to get acquainted with the dwelling, which clearly shows notes of African style. The Dreimeta experts turned to certain shapes and textures, and managed to avoid excessive brightness of color.

This unusual house has modern proportions: wide windows, no extra partitions, and the allocation of the social area into a single structure. The main hues chosen to create a cozy interior are brown, copper, bronze and white. Wood with its natural pattern is used everywhere.

Kitchen trivia on hooks
Dining room combined with kitchen
Suspended fireplace in the living room
Suspended fireplace in living room

On top of this layer of simple looking and necessary items is an abundance of decorative items. Works of art in the form of paintings, statuettes and all sorts of vases can be found in every corner, the grid on the landing looks nice. It's these details that emphasize the idea behind the project.

Art in the interior
Openwork panel of wood
Home office in urban style
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