Refined forms in the minimalist architecture of the country house

Hello dear readers A beautiful country house! Today we want to share with you an interesting project called Kurland Residence, which was brilliantly designed by the architects of SaaB Architects In Michmanim, Israel, in 2014.

Kurland Residence in the Rocky Mountains
Wood in the facade of the building

The exterior of the house makes extensive use of wood in warm colors.

Terrace Kurland Residence with a wooden canopy

The same notes can be found in the laconic interior design. Dark upholstered furniture contrasts with light walls and flooring. Wooden objects unite the exterior and interior of the house into a whole.

Brightly colored sack chairs in the patio
The facade of the Kurland Residence private home
Facade decoration with natural wood

The house is literally built on interesting design solutions, such as a huge white shelf separating the living room and the staircase, and a wide window sill where you can relax in the evenings.

Interior of the guest lounge

The master bedroom and bath are also in contrasting white and black, continuing the design of the common rooms.

Huge windows in the living room

Many enormous windows, many of which extend from the ceiling to the floor, offer a breathtaking view of the surroundings. The house looks especially good in the soft light of a sunset.

Unusual bar stools in the kitchen interior
Decorate the walls of the dining room with photos
Window sill seating area
View of the surroundings from the bedroom window
Glossy dark tiles in the bathroom interior
Huge windows of the residence
Kurland Residence at night
The facade of the private Kurland Residence

Photos are property of SaaB Architects.

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