Sophisticated dynamics calling for self-improvement – a delightful project from EANA, Yokohama, Japan

Hiyoshi House private home exterior

According to EANA, the company responsible for completing this project, the space that brings the home's occupants together, allowing them to enjoy the comforts of home, is quite compact. This place, featured in the photos of “Beautiful Country Home” magazine, is perfect for a couple gaining experience in married life.

The rectangular house in Yokohoma has large side windows to replace the concrete structures and create a sun-drenched space. Transparent and fresh, the house is equipped with everything you need. Communal areas include the kitchen, dining room and living room with a four-meter-high ceiling.

Entrance hallway of Hiyoshi House
Interior of the art studio at Hiyoshi House
Hiyoshi House Living Room Interior Design
Wooden dining table at Hiyoshi House
Hiyoshi House living room interior design
Interior design of the Hiyoshi House living room
Interior design of a living room Hiyoshi House
Hiyoshi House private home layout
Hiyoshi House private home floor plan
Hiyoshi House private house layout
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