Steve Hermann’s brilliant project: a sprawling house steeped in laconic luxury, California, USA

Living room interior with an unusual fireplace
Dishes on the dining room bar
A spacious bathroom with glass walls
Original cars in the garage
The exterior of Steve Herrmann's home
The entrance to the garage of the house by Steve Hermann
Pathway to the house by Steve Herrmann

The owner of this luxurious apartment is not without a sense of humor. He wanted to decorate all the splendor of his new home with a modest minimalism. Right, if you look closely it becomes clear that the furniture used only the most simple form, massive chandeliers gave way to spotlights, and the color palette is simplified to the limit. Perhaps so rich and full of minimalist design has never been better! The final chord of the tour of the residence is the backyard. Home to one of the world's most valuable collections of antique vintage cars.

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