The delightful Spanish Oaks residence by Texas studio Cornerstone Architects, will win your heart, Austin

Spanish Oaks Residence

Shades of gray are used in the kitchen appliances, and the furniture acts as dark blotches in the living areas. Modern fittings, frameless glass railings, parquet. On the ground level there is a garage, and thanks to the layout, the living room, kitchen and common room are visually connected to each other, the hallway with stairs. The kitchen area on the veranda is perfectly visible through large windows.

Private bedrooms on the second floor with hammocks on private balconies.
Designer decor adds variety and personality to the calm and serene interior.
See custom light fixtures, designer chandeliers, rugs, and artwork. Spotlights illuminate the upstairs space.

Mirrors, a typewriter, multicolored decorative cushions, a round sofa with a steel tray and glass balls of different sizes look original.
The residents seem like people of art when you see easels, shelves of paint tubes, and huge TVs everywhere! Eye-catching and multiple fireplaces. One thing that is not clear: why the name "Spanish Oaks" was chosen?

Spanish Oaks Residence
Spanish Oaks Residence
Spanish Oaks Residences
Spanish Oaks Residence
Spanish Oaks Residence
Spanish Oaks Residence

The ideas for the design of the house were suggested by specialists from Cornerstone Architects.

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