The exquisite interior geometry of a country house filled with natural light

Thorncrest House residence design in Canada
The design of Thorncrest House residence in Canada
Thorncrest House residence design in Canada
Thorncrest House in Canada
Garage at Thorncrest House, Canada

Metal parts are galvanized for strength and durability. A large number of walls were replaced by glazed areas, allowing natural light to be emphasized, which is also beneficial financially. The openings are accentuated with wood inlays which stand out from the main painting.

The building is divided into 2 floors, the first is the social area: kitchen, living room, dining room. The interior is dominated by Spanish cedar finishes, which are used both for furniture and for the cladding of many areas. They blend flawlessly with the immaculate stucco and glossy glow of the tile floor. Colorful flecks were used to create a modern and dynamic design, colorful splashes bring some playfulness and peculiarity. Integrated zones filled with light and free space flow seamlessly into one another, differing only in furnishings.

Living room of Thorncrest House residence in Canada
Thorncrest House hallway in Canada

There are some interesting combinations in the design stylistics, such as, living room interior At first glance it looks formal: black sofas and a dark palette would look a little gloomy, but look at the floor, you see an unusual rug, which with its colorfulness makes a dramatic change in appearance. A contemporary double-sided fireplace disconnecting from the dining room delights the eye with its intricacy. The hearth brings coziness and warmth to the house, associated with home comfort and a favorable atmosphere. And illuminating this area are intricate lighting fixtures – fanciful chandeliers hanging elegantly from the ceiling.

Living room of Thorncrest House residence in Canada

The kitchen area is very interesting, practical and functional. Bright work areas and bright red cabinets concealing the appliances harmonize with each other, creating an uplifting atmosphere. Nearby is a luxurious dining room set, elegant white chairs blend beautifully with the look of organic wood. If you look at the big picture, the setting is incredibly attractive with just the right contrasts and impeccably chosen details.

The bathroom of the Thorncrest House residence in Canada
The bathroom of the Thorncrest House residence in Canada

Modern, gorgeous and beautiful home Designed for comfortable living for a family of six and a few guests. Open floor plan, panoramic windows and combined areas filled with light and bright splashes. The amazing residence is located in a quiet area, where you can have a great time, a break from work and everyday hustle and bustle in the natural surroundings.

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