The flexible house by ARCHITEKT.LEMANSKI – a unique layout of a small space in Krakow, Poland

Landscape design of bending house in Poland
Interior design of a flexible house in Poland
Interior design of a kitchen in a flexible house
The staircase in the flexible house
A flexible house in Poland
Backlighting of flexible house in Poland
Flexible house in Poland
A project of a flexible house in Poland
Project of a flexible house in Poland
Project of flexible house in Poland

Readers of our website can not but be interested in this project of a house from the Polish architectural bureau ARCITECKT.LEMANSKI house near Krakow in Poland. It is original first of all by its shape: the object is a curved black metal bar supported by a light-colored parallelepiped.

Unusual geometric shape of the building has its effect on some details of the interior, particularly on the stairs leading to the second floor, which take after the slightly curved shape of the whole building.

Other than that, the interior of this stylish 40 square meter house is quite traditional, comfortable and functional. The first floor accommodates a garage of 22 m2 And a kitchen-living room with a bright spot in the form of a fridge in screaming red. There is a bedroom on the second level. Abundant windows in different shapes gives the residents a lot of sunlight and warmth. The courtyard area is made of stone.

Thanks to its originality and attractiveness of this building in 2013 received high praise. According to the decision of the Association of Polish Architects, it was one of the ten best projects representing Poland at the V4 Family Houses exhibition.

Materials courtesy of ARCHITEKT.LEMANSKI.

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