The focus of coziness in a modern decor – a 1950s style wooden home

This home in the suburbs New York The White Room, a mid-century home in the U.S., was built recently, but has features reminiscent of mid-twentieth-century buildings. The reference to the past in this case helped to blend the structure into the neighborhood in a logical and organic way.

Its proportions and dimensions make each room quite spacious, and large windows fill it with sunlight. The wooden cladding in gray tones looks elegant, and at the same time, it reminds of noble antiquity. The terrace overlooking the garden, built into the interior of the house, is particularly charming landscape design.

The interior decoration shines with whitewashed surfaces, the predominance of natural materials makes the rooms very cozy. Certain touches catch the eye: one kitchen wall is covered with a chalkboard, where you can make necessary daily notes; knitted rugs and plaids create a homely atmosphere.

The furniture is comfortable and charming. Wooden chairs and armchairs, leather upholstery, laconic forms – all this makes the appearance of each item unique. In each area a few things set accents and fill the overall picture with meaning. Many of them also underline the very idea of the house: the footed bathroom, the old chest, the tin closet, the locksmith's table – they all seem to have come from the past.

A private home in upstate New York
Open porch at home in upstate New York
Interior design in the New York suburbs
Kitchen interior design
Interior design for a home in upstate New York
Bathroom interior design
The original sink in the interior
Interior details of a home in upstate New York
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