The luxurious and elegant Villa L’Escalet with a luxurious view of the Mediterranean Sea, St. John’s, and the beautiful and elegant Villa Fendi.Tropez, France

Let the readers of our informative forum know about Villa L'Escalet – a beautiful place which perfectly combines elegance and comfort. It is located in St.Tropez, in the most picturesque place with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Villa L'Escalet exterior
Villa L'Escalet's panoramic pool
Panoramic Pool Villa L'Escalet
Villa L'Escalet interior
Villa L'Escalet interior
Villa L'Escalet interior
Villa L'Escalet interior

A dream house built on top of a hill, surrounded by thick forests, rocky slopes and crystal clear sea water just recently, in 2012. The undeniable advantage is that this natural oasis is a ten-minute drive from the world-famous beaches of Pampelonne, as well as the universally recognized nightlife center of St. Paul.Tropez.

From the villa to the water's edge, just five minutes. You can admire the view from the terrace and from the inside you can enjoy all the comforts you might need. An open, white kitchen with a 180° view brings the added pleasure of cooking in the center. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which can be opened completely if you want, literally flood the dining and living room with natural light.

A particular highlight of the project is the 40 square meter swimming pool, in the still surface of which the sky is reflected in every detail. You can relax on the terrace next to it or go down the steps to the pebble beach. The secured grounds allow you to travel for miles along the beach without fear of accidents. Literally five minutes walk is also a sandy beach.

The house has a Mediterranean-inspired interior. It has four bedrooms, which can sleep up to nine people – three upstairs and one on the first floor. The upstairs rooms have a breathtaking sea view, the downstairs room is ideal for two or three children and a governess. Each of the rooms has a separate entrance with a combination lock. Includes baths – two with flat-screen televisions.

Photo: Le Collectionist.

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