The pinnacle of architectural craftsmanship – a luxury mansion with multi-level structures by CplusC, Sydney, Australia

The patio of a luxury mansion with tiered structures in Sydney
Living room interior in a Sydney mansion with stacked ceilings
Living room interior in a high-rise mansion in Sydney
Sydney Island View Terrace in a Majestic Multi-Tiered Mansion
The corridor in a multi-tiered mansion in Sydney
A luxurious mansion with multi-level structures in Sydney
Luxury Estate with Multilevel Structures in Sydney

Sliding doors, huge windows allow the interior space of the kitchen and living room to merge with the surrounding areas into a single whole. Backyard becomes a full-fledged living space. More than four cubic meters of hardwoods were used to finish! This house is for true connoisseurs of architecture, for those who feel the warmth and comfort of wood combined with the soft contrast of the light contours of the interior. The organic juxtaposition of the different structures is truly striking!

A luxurious mansion with multilevel structures in Sydney
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