The winner of the best detached house title – villa Lokaator by Kavakava Architects, Tallinn, Estonia

The idea to build his own house of armoured concrete using the foundations of an old army barracks came to one of the residents of Paldiski, on the Estonian coast. Determined to make it a reality, he turned to Kavakava Architects in 2004. Three years from the time the concept was created to the completion of construction. And so, in 2007, the family had a housewarming celebration.

A modern villa in the woods
A house in the birch forest

The person who enters the house has a clear view of the sea behind the trees. The kitchen is separated from the high hallway by a low ceiling. The house, the total area of which is 197 sq. The house seems very spacious because it has an open floor plan on the first floor. In this case, the living area is divided into two levels and the gallery, where the home library is located. Two second floor bedrooms are in separate units with large windows facing the sea.

Villa Lokaator in Estonia by Kavakava Architects
Villa layout design
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