The custom exterior of the Mod Cott guest house on Lake Buchanan

The interior living room of the Mod Cott home in Texas

A studio style house, which occupies 1 floor.Five floors with living room, kitchen and bathroom in the main part and a bedroom on the upper level with a small staircase. All of the wood paneling on the side walls of the living area, kitchen ceiling and staircase are made of fir.

Large opening windows in this delightful studio allow sunlight into the rooms, promote natural ventilation and cooling, and provide spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the material used in the design, the building looks stunning. Beautiful panoramic views of the surroundings from the large glass doors, so that the very first sunrays can wake up the residents in the morning and allow the sounds and scents of the wildlife to flow in.

Large horizontal wood paneling and warm tones in the interior design, immediately give the spaces openness and comfort. The varying heights of the levels, combined with soft modern furniture, make the architecture of the house even more interesting.

This guest cottage, with its picturesque views of the lake shore and the surrounding local landscape, is located just perfect to interact with the unspoiled nature that has preserved its pristine appearance. 

The design by Mell Lawrence Architects, embodied in the austere but comfortable residence, capitalizes of sorts on the lake Buchanan's rich, wondrous views that contrast with the austere details of Mod Cott's architecture.

Landscaping of the Mod Cott home in Texas
The facade of the Mod Cott house in Texas
The bathroom interior of a Mod Cott home in Texas
Panoramic windows of the Mod Cott home in Texas
Mod Cott home in Texas
Mod Cott home layout in Texas
Mod Cott home layout in Texas
A layout of a Mod Cott home in Texas

The creators of Mod Cott's small, modern, simple and comfortable 2008 country house –Mell Lawrence Architects.

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