The harmony of modern comfort and nature – Cedar Park House, Seattle, USA. By architect Peter Cohan

Welcome to Modern homes! Cedar Park House. In the city of Seattle, Washington, it is surrounded by a lake and beautiful vegetation.

Exit to the terrace of the Cedar Park House

The house resembles the English letter Y, which looks directly to the east with its broad side. The interior and exterior spaces are cleverly divided by a sliding door. As you can see, when the screen is moved apart, it erases the space between the rooms and the surrounding nature. An interesting accessory for the home interior, isn't it??

Interior design of the living room with a fireplace
Garage of a private Cedar Park House
Cedar Park House terrace

Oriental roofs are shaped like an inverted gable, allowing water to be collected and stored in above-ground cisterns. It is used for flushing, washing, as well as watering the garden. The top of the tank is high enough so that the excess water does not flow out into the street, but under its own force of gravity flowed into the specially designated tanks. This system makes it possible to do without pumps and generators.

Modern bathroom interior design

As you can see, the walls and the roof have a certain dialogue, which is an important feature and uniqueness. To the west, they are parallel to each other, creating a single volume that is enhanced by the linear sequence. To the east they have a different relationship, are more dynamic. As a result of this union, the lower and upper floors are shaped differently.

Cedar Park House walkway

The offset forms create the presence of covered patios on the lower level and more massive fortifications on the upper floors. They serve to create security and peace of mind for the owners, as it is on the second level that the bedrooms and stunning bathrooms are located.

Evening illumination of the facade of Cedar Park House

Worth noting is the interior of the house. It follows the same concept as the Cedar Park House itself: openness, the presence of calm tones in the decoration, comfort and coziness, but also the functionality of the rooms and decorations.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

You'll always want to come back to this picturesque place, sit on the deck with your favorite beverage and enjoy the beautiful views of nature and Lake Washington.

This article was written by architect Peter Cohan.

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