The Nordic character of Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects, Victoria, Australia

Unusual shapes of windows
The unusual form of Fairhaven Beach House

The interior rooms are as spacious as possible, furnished only with necessities. The colors are discreet, understated – shades of gray, brown. The decor is representative, massive and perfectly blends in with the overall design. All rooms are in wood. It creates an atmosphere of peace, coziness, and a great addition is a large fireplace.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the sun's warmth during the day, the fresh air in the evening, the soothing pleasant scenery during the day. You can eat, drink tea or coffee, relax, being in the room, but feeling the complete freedom and unity with nature.

The large yellow sofa in the interior of Fairhaven Beach House
Wood paneled kitchen
Everything in this home is wood-furniture, walls, and ceiling
The wooden walls of Fairhaven Beach House
Panoramic view of the water from the bedroom
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