Casa unconventionalizzata on a hillside in Italy

Aerial view of the hillside home
Home Exterior
Outdoor pools
An unconventional house on a hillside

Timeless architecture and rigorous geometry, along with industrial style, come together in a stunning mix. The home's clashing interior, its very special ambience and sleek design give rise to a creative look that leaves you with an ambiguous impression. The furnishings testify to the good taste of the homeowners, radiating elegance, boldness and austerity.

Spacious deck by the pool
Terrace in light gray tones
The terrace in light gray tones
The walls of gray
The interior of the living room
Interior design of a kitchen in gray tones
Living room and dining room interior
Light-colored bathroom

Panoramic windows, sliding glass doors, transparent panels all around. So you get plenty of natural ventilation and no light during the day. What's more, the panorama of the villa is so magnificent that it would be inconsiderate to neglect it.

So the natural landscape became an integral part of the living space. And what a romantic view the occupants of the villa offer in the evening, when the sun gently sets below the horizon, creating playful shadows!

Spacious terrace

The spacious terrace would please anyone! The large pool is framed by a concrete deck. It is in turn surrounded by a garden, which is separated from the fence by an artificial lake. The exterior lighting system has been thoroughly thought out: after dusk the villa transforms into a mysterious, romantic atmosphere.

A beautiful view from the pool
Tall gray fence
Artificial reservoir
The open-air swimming pool
Backlighting of a house plot in Italy

Individuality and originality are the main characteristics behind the concept of this project. An impressive play of light and shade, shapes and textures, enhanced by the beautiful scenery that envelopes the building on all sides.

The main requirement of the customers was to organize a cozy and comfortable living space. Do you think they did a good job on it?? 

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