Cascade House or Txai House by Studio MK27, Brazil

A palm grove near the cascade house

Hidden in a palm grove like this is a real bungalow. Lush greenery surrounds and the house is buried in it, with only the blue of the sky above the roof of the house.

The veranda leads to the pool of a cascading house

The first floor flows into the huge veranda leading directly to the pool. It's high. Cascading floor plan allows for great views of palm trees from the pool.

The spacious veranda of a cascade house

Having such a large pool close to the house is a real luxury. A pleasant coolness emanates from the smooth water surface in the evening.

In addition to an expansive outdoor terrace, the first floor features a full glass wall that seems to adjoin the pool. Massive columns support the roof of the building.

Palm grove view from the cascade pool

The upper part of the roof, which is a vast veranda, is also equipped with everything you need for rest, relaxation.

Hammocks on the roof of the cascade house

The second-floor veranda leads down to a lower level.

Wood decking on the roof of a cascade house

At sunset, the sun floods the floors of this heavenly spot with its light.

The spacious rooftop terrace of the Txai House Cascade

Practical wooden furniture, shelves and couches are very useful. Stock up on a pair or three floor sconces to cast an unobtrusive glow on a dark evening.

The veranda of a cascade house is designed for relaxation

It seems that everything original and wooden that is possible to find in the stores will fit here. So, for example, a huge sawn-off trunk turned into an unusual table.

Unusual bedroom of a cascading Txai House

It's very convenient when sliding doors are used instead of the usual. Space-saving and easy to open, it allows you to quickly move around the house.

The second bedroom in the cascading house
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