Features of modern architecture in passive climate control

The Stone Court Villa in Arizona

The central pool and perforated stone walls form a quiet corner with a natural cooling system, which exists thanks to the wind.

The perforated walls of The Stone Court Villa in Arizona

Stone walls have another advantage: They accumulate heat accumulated during the hot day, so even on cool nights in this cozy corner of the world it won't be cold.

The Toro Canyon Villa in Los Angeles

Professionals at Shubin + Donaldson Architects extended the roof to provide shade from the sun on the veranda.

The interior of The Toro Canyon Villa in Los Angeles

From the outside, this amazing house in Las Vegas catches the eye with its strange triangular panels on the second floor.

Las Vegas patio

You can't miss the transformation of this cottage in Hawaii, thanks to the majestic tree on the patio. A vase in which a tree grows is also a bench.

A mini garden at home in Las Vegas

Green Greenberg is a luxurious two-story Los Angeles mansion with a marvelous patio, but its main feature –is the roof photovoltaic panels mounted on a steel grid.

Dining table on the terrace of Greenberg

Tollot&C in Miami with moving parts. For example, this outdoor porch can be shaded by a retractable awning.

Interior of a mansion by Tollot&C

A striking decor – a light canopy on a wooden frame shading not only the house but also the terrace.

Now, if you decide to build a cottage in the South, you know what you need to put in the design to enjoy the sun all year round!

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