Rural paradise – the superb Vila Boim dacha by Cruz Quebrada, Intergaup, Elvas, Portugal

House in Vila Boim, an agricultural property designed by Cruz Quebrada, Intergaup. It is located in the Portuguese town of Elvas. 50 hectares of land against a backdrop of flat landscape and gentle hills. Cork oaks, olive trees and vines grow around. Farming in Elvash consists of cows, sheep, and pigs, with endless arable land stretching to the south.

The request was simple: a summer house where the family can enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape during summer and winter. A beautiful country house Offers a look at the result of the work.

The exterior of the Vila Boim house
Vila Boim patio
The patio of the Vila Boim house
The exterior of the house Vila Boim
The white staircase at Vila Boim
The terrace of the Vila Boim house
Interior design of the living room at Vila Boim
Modern kitchen interior design
Bedroom Interior Design

The central part faces west. Overlooking much of the landscape and neighboring homes. Here is the living room, living rooms. North side – kitchen, dining and technical rooms. The southern part of the house is a private square with four bedrooms.

Bathroom interior design
The white walls of Vila Boim
Vila Boim private home floor plan
Vila Boim Private House Scheme
Vila Boim private home floor plan
Vila Boim private home floor plan

Traditional materials are not chosen by chance. The design suggested that the house should fit completely into the countryside. But the clean workmanship and attention to detail is a clear reference to the urban architecture.

Courtesy of Intergaup

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