American Home Project: Beverly Hills Residence – Exclusive from California

Villa Beverly Hills

Simply Amazing Mansion, Huge in size and incredible in price, located in the heart of California's most famous neighborhood. Here's where the designers did a really good job, as the size of the house and grounds allowed them to unleash their creativity and imagination. Just step through the gates of the manor and you enter a world of modern glamour. Thoughtful landscaping, whitewashed façade and fantastic, luxurious pool, Filled with clear turquoise water and surrounded by a wooden deck with palm trees and sun loungers, greeting every guest.

Wooden patio base
Elegant garden design
Living Room Interior Design
Interior design for a luxurious kitchen-dining room
Dining room interior design
Bedroom interior design
Bathroom interior details: ultra-modern bathroom fixtures
Modern dressing room
White facade of residence

The grandiosity of the project is undoubtedly admirable and pleasantly surprising. The authors of the ideas created a real paradise for those who can afford it.

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