House in Blair Atholl by Nico van der Meulen, Johannesburg, Africa

House in Blair Atholl in concrete and stone

The house is not hidden by a high fence. Only a small white picket fence marks the territory of the occupants. Everything is provided for. Living room, open porch and kitchen. Every detail has been thought of!

Natural stone is used in the design of the concrete home and the landscaping

If you look around the corner of the house, you can see a back door leading to the kitchen. There's also a small and very young garden. The trees are small, but over time they'll grow taller than the roof and provide nice shade.

The trees in the backyard of the stone and concrete house

Around the other corner of the house we find a swimming pool with crystal clear water.

Stone and concrete house: a lounge area near the pool

Go up to the second floor. All walls are transparent.

A black-and-white interior in the living room of a home made of stone and concrete

Stairs that lead from the living room to the second floor, directing you to the sunbathing area. There's no roof, so you can sunbathe in the sunshine.

Freakish interior installations of stone and concrete

Also a small corner of the house is devoted to waterfalls.

A contemporary home interior in stone and concrete

Remarkably, any wall of this ground-floor home can be slid open, letting in warmth or a fresh breeze. And, of course, it's just as easy to close them again if necessary.

Stone and Concrete House: Kitchen in White and Beige

All the shelves are neatly hidden; there is enough light and good ventilation to keep the house free from unpleasant odors.

Wide light dining table in the house of stone and concrete

At night you can light the many ceiling lights and the house will glow.

A glass handrail in the stone and concrete house
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