Remodeling historic buildings: new Victorian life – Armandale House by Jackson Clements Burrows, Melbourne, Australia

Wooden furniture in the pool area
The contemporary exterior of the Armandale House patio

As we mentioned before the two new cantilevered additions to the main house are completely invisible from the street, so many will be surprised to see such modern structures and even more modern interiors at the back of the house. Large floor-to-ceiling glass windows accentuate The open layout of the living room, And also provide natural ventilation.

A spacious courtyard with a refreshing pool, wooden deck-veranda, fireplace and lush green shrubs around the house encourage spending more time outdoors than in the rooms.

For the interiors, designers chose a neutral color scheme that sets a striking backdrop to the skyline of the resort luxury decor Marvelous works of art that bring a play of colors and tones to the design. Now this house is for sale. For those who like to move to Melbourne and also like a sophisticated mix of modern and classic styles, it's worth checking out!

Wooden furniture on the outdoor patio
Wall decorations in living room interior
Works of art on the walls of the interior space
Interior design of the recreation room: a bar with a variety of drinks
Landscaping the courtyard of Armandale House
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