Terrace with pool: the graceful simplicity of home comfort – MCC House by Seijo Peon Arquitectos, Yucatan, Mexico

Project of a private house MCC House in Mexico

According to the architects, the site adjacent to the edge of the field offers a wonderful view of the landscape in the distance. But the proximity of the golf course turned out to be one of the main problems in creating the project, because it was necessary to ensure the comfort and privacy of the house owners, especially since the length of the estate was only 40 m.

It was quite tricky to put the pool in the patio, as you would normally do, because then you would have almost total visibility of the pool from the golf course.

This is why the architects had to investigate the site and the surroundings extensively and analyze the building concept in detail. The end result is surprising: the house, designed by Seijo Peon Arquitectos, looks like a golf course gate! Take a look at the photos, you will see it for yourself.

The original facade of the building was modeled in such a way that it looks different depending on the angle, but perhaps the most fascinating view is when the main door opens.

Here we are greeted by a spacious terrace with an oblong pool. It extends all the way around the house, overlooking the golf course. The arched design underscores the similarity to the gateway. A separate room in the western part serves as the structural base and utility room of the house. It's not conspicuous at all and doesn't disturb the architectural harmony, because all attention here is oriented on the main diagonal of the terrace, in the south and south-east direction.

The terrace, serving as a kind of boundary “two environments” – of the house and the yard, – continues inside the house. It is united with the living room by glass doors and walls. In addition, it can be accessed from each bedroom by passing through a small half-open corridor. At the same time, this layout allows you to create a cozy nook. The main thing – properly arrange the furniture.

This simple layout not only provides comfort, but also unites the house with its natural surroundings. This is accentuated by the overall design style of the terrace and living room.

The first floor is accessed through sliding glass doors. And to get to the second floor, you first have to get past the glowing bamboo panel. This element of decor sets the tone for the whole room and is the main detail of the interior.

The design of the rooms is fully consistent with modern minimalism, which allows to emphasize the merits and ideas of the project. The walls and wooden ceilings contrast so much with the white facade that one cannot help but admire it once in this strange but splendid home.

MCC House front lawn
MCC House main entrance
Interior design of the living room with a decorative fireplace
The MCC House's main entrance
MCC House Terrace
The exterior of MCC House

 Materials courtesy of MCC Tamara Uribe.

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