Ten houseboats that give a feeling of harmony with the elements

Not many of you, dear readers, would risk living in a house surrounded by water. It's a terrific idea, though. There is something unique and attractive about them.

Ontario floating house project
Lake Guron Home
A private home on Lake Powell
A small garden near the lake house
Lake Powell floating house project
Project of a house on the lake by TYIN tegnestue architects
The exterior of the boathouse by TYIN tegnestue architects
Wooden lake house
Futuristic boat-island
Tropical plants on the deck
Project for a futuristic floating house Lilypad
The exterior of the Lilypad
Modern riverside home
House project on the banks of the River Amstel
Sealander trailer
Sealander Floating Home
House project for the future Trilobis 65
Trilobis 65 construction
Interior of the interior of Trilobis 65

All of the houses shown above allowed you to enjoy the surrounding views. What about the mysterious underwater world?? You can admire it too, such as on board the Trilobis 65 by Giancarlo Zema. This four story construction can accommodate up to 6 people for a truly unforgettable vacation.

Lake Muskoka boathouse

Boat garage
Bedroom interior design
A floating house project
Living room interior design
Kitchen interior design
Wooden ceiling and wall paneling

The shape of the house immediately catches everyone's attention and blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Transparent facade allows you to enjoy the views (Found on oshatz).

A bit of modernity

Wide-open windows in a detached house
Glass walls on the upper level

Finally, such a modern home with a stylish and simple design. The upper level is made entirely of glass. Because of its unusual shape, the house can be considered a real chic residence (found on blog).

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  1. Tatum

    These houseboats sound fascinating! How do they achieve the sense of harmony with the elements? Is it through their design, the materials used, or the location where they are situated?

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