Luxury country home project on a rugged hillside

This time we take our dear readers to the land of freedom, hamburgers and Hollywood – America! The world center of film industry was not mentioned in vain, because in its vicinity we could find a very interesting house, similar in its design to the cottage in Africa, Mentioned recently. But they are similar only in their construction – in their character, in their appearance, they differ greatly. Yeah, well, what's to say, it's worth it to look at it already!

Luxury apartment design

A place to rest with an open balcony

Vast windows and Sliding glass doors Help even the exterior elements of the house to create a common space with it. The home uses special heating and cooling technology. The roof, instead of our usual roof, has solar panels on it, which are covered with a special material in order to be unnoticeable from the street.

Luxury home design

A patio with a small place for hosting guests or a summer barbecue

Luxury apartment design

A spacious patio created especially for a large family!

Design of the luxury apartments

A large and bright living room

Luxury apartment design

Bright kitchen with wooden inserts and a huge window

The design of the luxurious apartment

Large and bright master bedroom with maximum home comforts and a minus of modern appliances

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