Stunning height above sea level – a masterpiece of architectural art AIBS House, Ibiza Island, Spain

Exterior of AIBS House in Spain
AIBS House in Spain

The mansion is located on the island of Ibiza (Spain). At 160 meters above the waterline, this 400 square meter building with its marvelous construction leaves no words to describe it. Let's face it, this place is not for the faint of heart. It is designed in such a way that when you walk out of the house onto the broad vantage point you feel as if you are suspended in the air on top of a rock above the very water column of the deep sea. What a sight to behold. And just imagine, the owner of this estate observes this picture every day…

AIBS House's natural surroundings in Spain

A very solid foundation of the structure, strict geometric shapes, large glazed verandas give the house a visual solidity, bordering with asceticism. The rooms are equipped as aesthetically and universally, in order to provide its residents with all the benefits of modern civilization in this absolutely deserted place.

The interior of the AIBS House in Spain
Interior of AIBS House in Spain
The Interior of AIBS House in Spain
Interior of AIBS House in Spain
The terrace of the AIBS House in Spain

The immediate vicinity of birds' nests and fluffy clouds doesn't keep the owners from feeling fully urbanized, thanks to the office-like furnishings of the rooms. All the furniture is ultra-modern and minimalist in design, and oddly enough does not seem to clash with the natural surroundings. Such an organic combination is a riddle of the architects, which will puzzle the guests of this house for a long time.

AIBS House plan in Spain
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