Conceptual design for a cabin in a tree – a birdhouse for romantics

This little woodland wonder, created in 2013, is a bungalow in Central Chile, near the town of Curacavi. If you, our dear guests, are looking for a respite from the noise and bustle of the city, a breath of fresh air and relief from your worries, then this one-storey pavilion is just what you need!

The cabin is located at the foot of the hill, buried in the green foliage on high poles, and resembles a birdhouse nestled in a tree. It is accessed by a long, broken wooden bridge that leads to a terrace.

House birdhouse Casa Quebrada in Chile
Birdhouse Casa Quebrada in Chile

Casa Quebrada birdhouse in Chile
Casa Quebrada birdhouse in Chile

Materials provided by UNarquitectura.

Casa Quebrada birdhouse in Chile
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