A magnificent glass house by the iconic architect Philip Johnson

The glass house by Philip Johnson

He was a great landowner and designed ten houses just for himself. How he did it? Mainly because of the family fortune his father made in aluminum mining.

Philip Johnson's glass house

Over the years, the land purchased grew and this architectural masterpiece was installed in the center of the property.

The path to the Glass House

The most frequently asked question by visitors is: where did the owner sleep?? The answer will shock you. In a brick house.

Of course, any privacy in the glass house is out of the question, so he built a second one, made of brick. The two buildings face each other, separated by a lawn.

The steel frame of the Glass House

Brick floors and bathrooms. The pattern is laid out so that there is no clear line between the room and the street.

Glass House Interior

A wooden divider separates the bedroom and living room. Although the bed indicates that the architect slept in this house occasionally, it is clear that it would have been very uncomfortable to live here permanently, although the windows could have been covered with retractable panels.

Philip Johnson's glass house

Nevertheless, the home's close relationship with nature is important. Johnson later erected several other structures near the lake.

Gallery by Philip Johnson

And this is the study and library, which was originally white. The building has just one room with one window.

Architect Philip Johnson's extraordinary Da Monsta house

The plan shows only three areas: the round bathroom, aka the boiler room, the separated bedroom and living room, and the kitchen, which served as a bar during the many parties the owner loved to have.

The Glass House floor plan
Schematic diagram of the Glass House


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