An original floating house with all the facilities is an interesting creation of Czech architects

The desire to have your own beautiful home is understandable. But how many nuances need to come together when choosing and furnishing a home!

One wants to be in the thick of it, live close to the center of the city. But not many people can afford it, because the prices in these districts are steep. Some people like heights and want to live on a hill, others prefer the plain. Some people want compactness, some want scale. And you also need to answer the questions: what is happening in my life today and what will happen in a few years? What I will need in the future?

All in all, at first glance, there's a lot to go crazy about. But if you're not too categorical and conservative, if you give your dream of owning your own home a little flexibility and connect the imagination, you can always find an unexpected compromise. Today we are going to tell you how to create stunning dwellings in the most incredible conditions.

This houseboat is anchored near a sailing club in the Smichov district of Prague. Renovated by Mjölk Architekti.

The facade of the houseboat
A wooden bridge to the shore
Houseboat living room interior design
Dense curtain on the window
Wood trim on the walls and ceiling in the living room
Painting in the living room interior

The kitchen is notable for its many drawers. Store things conveniently.

The second floor of the Houseboat

This is the attic. The only room here is the bedroom.

Laundry room in the Houseboat

Finishing off with a few pictures showing the layout.

Floor plan diagram of the attic
Houseboat Facade Plan
Plan diagram of a floating house
Floor plan of the houseboat
Houseboat floor plan

For photos thanks to Mjölk Architekti.

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