Farnsworth glass house by architects Mies van der Rohe, Plano, Illinois, USA

The exterior of Fransworth's glass house

Country house stands on the Fox River, and to avoid flooding, Mies placed it just above river level. He also placed the house parallel to the river, so that it had a winning view of the surroundings.

The exterior of the glass Fransworth house

The two porches deliberately give the house a certain asymmetry, and direct visitors so that they first see the house from the south façade.

The exterior of the glass Fransworth home

This nuance gives the whole house a lightness and weightlessness, while behind its implementation there were long, precise, heavy calculations.

The terrace of the Fransworth house

The entrance to the house is located between the dining room and the study. Behind the wooden wall, there are two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a fireplace. The living room in front of it, which is pictured. In the distance you can see the closet that was installed after the project was completed, and beyond that the bedroom.

View from the windows of the Fransworth home

Despite the lawsuits, the owner has owned the house for more than twenty years. In 1972, another owner bought it, removed all the curtains, installed air conditioning, and allowed people to visit while the owner was away.

Thirty years later, the house was put up for auction and bought back through the joint efforts of the building's protectors and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Fransworth glass house plan diagram
Fransworth glass house plan diagram
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