Modern architecture of the mysterious East – a stylish and luxurious house, Jln Angin Laut, Singapore

Hello all and welcome to the portal Beautiful country house! East is a delicate matter, and you can see it with the help of an unusual house in Singapore.

Apartment Interior Design

A luxurious room with a refreshing pool

Spiral staircase to the second floor


White bedroom interior

Modern Bedroom

Bathroom interior with access to the garden

Natural greenery in the bathroom

Private apartment façade

Exterior facade

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  1. Marigold

    This house is undoubtedly stunning, but I can’t help but wonder how modern architectural influences are incorporated into the mysterious East. Can someone explain the unique elements and cultural references that make Jln Angin Laut a luxurious masterpiece in Singapore?

  2. Waverly

    What specific elements of modern architecture are incorporated in the design of Jln Angin Laut, Singapore?

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