The right design of the original house

Compared to other similar houses this one stands out and attracts attention.

Unusual Home BQ-17 in Ho Chi Minh City

A great solution was to bring the plants into the square openings to the street. You get the impression that the house is filled with greenery, and it just vomits out.

The gate of BQ-17 in Ho Chi Minh City

If you think that only the appearance of the house is sustained in such a design, you are deeply mistaken. The furniture, shelves, and layout itself are all in keeping with geometric shapes.

Wooden kitchen and dining room

The house looks upward, so tall plants can be found on all floors. The ceilings of this house are also high. The designers didn't forget about the convenience of the residents and added a modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

If you accentuate the house correctly and light up the lively decorations, you don't need any additional accessories. In this case, the emphasis was on trees.

Home Office Interior

The simple wooden staircase is enclosed by a glass railing. Nothing is too much of a cliché, and nothing is too much of a cliché.

Windows of the unusual house BQ-17

Minimalist design of the rooms, huge panoramic windows and high ceilings – and perhaps you don't need anything more.

Minimalist bedroom interior design

The bathroom is spacious, but it has so much light, and through the window you can see a jungle of greenery, so you can soak in it forever.

An unusual house BQ-17 in Ho Chi Minh City

The three-story wonder can be seen in more detail on the plan:

BQ-17 Extraordinary House Scheme by 23o5 Studio

Second floor

Floor plans for an unusual house BQ-17 by 23o5 Studio

House with a slit

23o5 Studio BQ-17 Extraordinary House Scheme

Sectional view

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