Top tips for choosing varieties of plants for your coastal garden

Red flower

Look for varieties that are perfectly tolerant of the large amount of salt, the source of which is the sea, which is very close by. Even an ordinary sea breeze can bring so much of the element to your property that it will simply burn plants which are not suited to such an environment.

And about the strong winds and hurricanes is not even worth mentioning. In this case, the amount of salt is comparable to the daily batch of a plant specializing in similar products. But do not despair the number of bright and colorful plants that can thrive in such an environment will satisfy all your aesthetic needs.

Bougainvillea spectabilis, besides its colorful flowers, is wonderfully tolerant of salt, drought and different winds.

A path surrounded by trees

Not only use native plants, but also local building materials which allow you to create fences in the best possible image to fit in the existing landscape.

In addition, this method will save a sufficient amount of money. For example, lime rubble can be used to create beautiful paths that will allow you to stroll comfortably within the garden. It is worth noting that this material glows in the dark, creating chic images.

Various kinds of stones such as marble, volcanic, as well as other varieties found in abundance in various regions of coastal zones can be used to create paving stones, statuettes, as well as many decorative items. Seashells are also great for transforming the garden.

Native varieties are useful even after they have wilted. Palm leaves, various branches and other plant parts can be used for building, bedding and mulching, that is, covering the soil with organic compounds, in order to protect it and increase its useful properties.

Rare plants on the territory of the residence

Hot climate, provides for a special type of soil, which is characterized by an abundance of sand that does not retain moisture at all, which is a real problem for most plants.

But there are a number of varieties that are not only comfortable in such conditions, but are also characterized by excellent visual characteristics. Among them we can highlight such options as American Agave (Agave americana), blue fescue (Festuca glauca), kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos ‘Red Cross’) and crown of thorns (Euphorbia milii).

Patio with plants on the ocean

These tips will allow you in the process of organizing your own landscape design in the coastal area to achieve the most mind-boggling success, because plants in the interior is a great way to transform the entire surrounding space.

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