Luxurious start: interesting flower composition of spring bulbs

Spring flower arrangement: scheme

Flower Scheme

Spring flower arrangement: scheme of tulips

Plants used:

  • 1. Early Harvest ‘Early Harvest’ Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Early Harvest’)
  • 2. Foster's tulip 'Pirand' (Tulipa x fostehana 'Pirand')
  • 3. Tulipa hybrida 'Red Impression’ (Tulipa x hybrida 'Red Impression’)
  • 4. Tulipa hybrid ‘Fidelio’ (Tulipa x hybrida ‘Fidelio’)
  • 5. Narcissus x hybridus 'Goblet’ (Narcissus x hybridus 'Goblet’)
  • 6. Hyacinthus orienlalis 'Vuurbaak'
  • 7. Violet (Viola odorata)

Click here for a photo of your floral masterpieces!

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