Decorating a garden in the spirit of autumn: renowned designers reveal their trade secrets

Ideas for garden decoration from renowned designers
Garden decoration ideas from renowned designers

If your garden is mostly planted with only greenery, consider Fine Gardening's idea of planting a couple of warm-colored plants, like croton. Sometimes a "yellow" blast in a sea of greenery can be as effective as a huge pile of flowers.

Garden decoration ideas from famous designers

Big Red Sun offers to add some orange blossoms to the design of the area, because with the end of summer there are already enough of such hues.

Garden decoration ideas from renowned designers

Not to forget the traditional October holiday of Halloween, whose symbol is the pumpkin. Buy some pieces, cut holes in them, and put candles in them. Such a decorative object with their own hands Would make a great addition to your landscaping.

Garden decoration ideas from renowned designers

Use pumpkins to decorate your flowerbed by placing them around its perimeter. In addition, an interesting design solution by Gigi McAdam Landscapes seems to be to fill empty spaces with them, resulting in real works of art.

Garden decoration ideas from renowned designers

A great decorative accent leaves the placement of a pumpkin in the urn where the flowers grew in the summer (Pottery Barn idea).

Garden decorating ideas from famous designers

Fall will be here in two months, so you, dear readers, should start thinking about how to spruce up your garden. For more information, visit and

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