The beauty of our lawn: some useful recommendations for lawn care and maintenance

Lawn care recommendations: The right planting pattern

Before the beginning of sowing in the allotted areas, make the leveling of the soil, hold a two-week pause for the purpose of shrinkage, occasionally watering the territory. Finally the geotextile is overlapped and the topsoil is covered with a fertilizer-soil mixture, left to rest again and then the grass is sown.

Regardless of what type of soil and what kind of seeding material is selected, it is worth refraining from heavy use and frequent mowing for six months. During this time the young root system develops and strengthens. A layer of snow is needed in winter to prevent the plants from freezing.

Lawn care tips: Handy lawnmower

The aesthetic design of the lawn is essentially limited to regular cutting of the grass. In the first season, let it grow as far as possible, after it should be minimally trimmed. Subsequently, to maintain the order, it is necessary to leave a height of about five centimeters, optimal for the average strip of Russia.

Landscaping tricks: tips for lawn care: placement of the lawn under the trees
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