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Love or just affection? It is not always possible to get an answer to this question, being at the beginning of a relationship. At first it can be just love, which over time develops into something more. If you cannot understand how strong the feelings are, then there are 15 signs that will help you figure this out..

Get calmer

Comfortable relationship

If you have a young man next to whom you forget about all the problems, it’s warm, cozy and comfortable with him, this is the first sign that your relationship is sincere. After all, love is not only butterflies in the stomach, but also a sense of harmony and confidence in a new found partner.

Feel stronger near

No, physical strength will not increase, but there is a feeling that you will roll mountains and you will be able to do something that did not work out before. This is a sign of sincere love. When a man motivates to become better, while not trying to change something in your character, actions or appearance. There is only one presence nearby to feel the protection and support.

Trust completely

Trust quote

If you experience this feeling, then love. You do not look for lies in words, because you know that he will not deceive. You can rely on him when choosing an evening series, brand of wine or cooking dinner. Respect his opinion and do not try to challenge or object.

Want to introduce everyone to him

When you are not just in love, but proud of your man, then strive to let others know how smart and wonderful he is. Want to introduce him to the whole environment: family, friends, pets. After all, they should know how good you are together.

His desires become more important

Love - make a person happy

When you love, always strive to make this person happy. To do this, fulfill his desires, do pleasant things, satisfy all needs and feel happy This is also a sign of sincere love – to know that you are making your soulmate happier.

Make plans for the future

Another sign of sincere love is long-term dreams. If you really love a person, then you are thinking not only about the coming days, but also about creating a family. Come up with names for future children and pets, choose curtains for a common house or discuss the brand of car.

Constantly waiting for messages

SMS from a loved one

Every 15 minutes, check the phone, hoping for the wishes of a good day or nice compliments from the second half. And when they appear, they are ready to take off from happiness. The mood immediately rises, again rejoice that it was he who chose you to create a couple. After all, you no longer have to dream about ideal relationships, they already exist.

Everything around reminds of this man.

The man completely occupied your thoughts and I do not want to think about anything other than this person. A billboard on the way to work, a song, individual phrases or jokes of friends – everything around reminds of the second half.

Time alone doesn’t feel empty

Meeting with your beloved

Even if your meeting took five minutes, and the man stealthily tore a kiss from his lips, then this moment will be the best for the whole day. You strive to cherish every moment spent together, rejoice when you can see this person. No matter where you are or what you are doing, it’s important – he is there again, and this is an incredible pleasure.

Want to know absolutely everything about him

What kind of man was in childhood, how did he go to nursery, what did his grandmother cook for him for breakfast, what emotions did he experience as a teenager, did he have friends in college. Interest in his past, family makes you truly in love.

Ready to sacrifice themselves, even in small things.

Ready for anything for a loved one

If you do not like pets, but the guy asked to look after the dog for a week, then you can’t refuse him. You won’t even think, but immediately agree, if only he would be happy. Make a compromise to see this man smile, as he is ready to do the same for you.

Know everything he loves

You no longer ask what juice to buy in the store, choose music, what to go to the cinema. Know all his preferences, strive to do exactly what makes a man happy.

Forget the time when he’s around

Happiness is when a loved one is nearby

You can spend several hours nearby, and it will seem that only 5 minutes have passed. You are surprised when you look at the dial. It seems that you just met, and again to be parted to run to work or do business. When people are in love, they do not notice the passage of time. They always have few hours in the day to get enough of each other.

Energy beats over the edge

If before these relationships the beginning of a new day was always difficult, now you wake up at the first signal of the alarm clock or even a little earlier. You know that you will meet with your beloved, and it’s so great that it fills with positive energy in the morning.

Love all its flaws

Quote by Omar Khayyam

They pass into the category of advantages: a cute hump on the nose, the habit of biting your nails or snoring at night. After all, this is an inseparable part of the second half, as it can be a disadvantage. It is sincere love – to accept it as it is, not to see flaws, not to strive to remake a person.

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