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The current pension system in Russia allows you to cover all categories of citizens, regardless of age, gender and social status. Particular attention is paid to people who went on a well-deserved rest when they reach a certain age. Not all of them have the necessary work experience for calculating the insurance pension, therefore they are assigned a social pension – a special type of allowance under the state support program.

What is a social pension?

To date, the pension in the Russian Federation for the elderly is of several types:

  • Insurance. Persons who have reached retirement age and have the appropriate insurance experience receive.
  • State. It is paid to military personnel, participants of the Second World War, liquidators of radiation accidents and technological disasters, municipal employees.
  • Social. Intended for disabled people, people who do not have enough insurance experience.

Each of them is divided into subspecies depending on the conditions necessary for its receipt. A social pension is a fixed monetary allowance allocated from the federal budget to people who, due to their psychophysical development, illness, current life situation, did not work at all or their existing seniority does not allow them to receive another type of pension provision.

Difference from insurance

In order to understand the difference between social insurance and insurance, it is necessary to identify the conditions under which the latter stands out. An old-age social benefit in 2018 is assigned if at least one of the circumstances is not observed. The main one is reaching the age limit. It is 60 for men and 55 for women, although sometimes people can take a well-deserved rest earlier (this issue is regulated by separate legal acts). Additionally, you need to have a certain retirement rate:

  • 2017 – 11.4;
  • 2018 – 13.8;
  • 2019 – 15.2 and. etc. in steps of 2.4, until the reading reaches 30 to 2025.

Another condition, the fulfillment of which is mandatory, is the presence of a certain length of employment, provided that all this time deductions to the Pension Fund were made from the wages of the worker. For 2017, this figure is 8 years, and for 2018 it will be set at 9 years. Further, it will continue to increase:

  • 2019 – 10;
  • 2020 – 11;
  • 2021-12;
  • 2022 – 13;
  • 2023-14;
  • from 2024 – 15.

Social security is financed from the federal budget, while insurance is financed from the budget formed by the FIU, which is formed from:

  • insurance premiums;
  • deductions from a single social tax;
  • federal budget funds;
  • funds obtained through capitalization, etc..

Money and coins

Who receives a social pension in Russia

State allowance is accrued on the basis of several criteria, and relies:

  • Upon reaching the age limit and lack of insurance experience or pension coefficients.
  • People with disabilities of groups 1, 2, 3 and people with disabilities from childhood who have reached adulthood but have never been employed or worked informally (without making contributions to the FIU). The time and reason for obtaining disability does not matter. The category should be determined by the results of medical and social examination.
  • Children with disabilities. This category includes minors with congenital or acquired disabilities..
  • Due to the loss of the breadwinner. If, after the death of a person, minor children or other disabled dependents remain in his family, they can apply for pension benefits. The age of children is limited to 18 years, but if they are students or full-time students of educational institutions, the age limit is set at 23 years.
  • Indigenous people of the small peoples of the Far North and other localities that are included in this list.

Legal regulation

The legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of calculating pension payments and monitoring the implementation of pension benefits is represented by a large number of regulatory legal acts adopted at both the federal and regional levels. Among the main ones are:

  • The Constitution of the Russian Federation, where it is stipulated that every citizen has the right to social security in old age and the conditions for payment of pension allowance.
  • Law No. 166-FZ. We are talking about state pension provision, they are guided by the calculation of allowances.
  • Law No. 111-FZ. Here the conditions of participation in the funded pension are stipulated.
  • Law No. 167-FZ. Reflects insurance rules, financial and legal sphere of providing citizens.
  • Law No. 173-FZ. The conditions necessary for obtaining old-age social benefits and the procedure for making accruals are considered..

Terms of appointment of social benefits in 2018

In order to accrue and receive social benefits for old age in 2018, it is necessary that a person meets certain criteria. The main factor should be called the fact that a citizen, in addition to social allowance, should not have additional income in his own budget, otherwise the right to payments is lost. Additionally, the residence of the citizen and his age are taken into account.

Citizenship of the Russian Federation

All citizens of the Russian Federation are entitled to receive old-age social benefits in 2018 if their insurance experience is less than 9 years. If a person permanently resides in the territory of Russia, but is a subject of another state, he has the right to apply for payments to the FIU. According to the law, he must have a residence permit in his hands, which certifies that the period of residence in the Russian Federation is at least 15 years – this is the main condition for obtaining social benefits by foreigners, in addition to the lack of experience.

Age criteria

Depending on the type of pension that a citizen is applying for, he must be a certain number of years old. To receive labor pension allowance, a woman must be 55 years old and a man must be 60 years old, but for the purpose of receiving old-age social benefits, the age range is large and according to the law increases immediately by 5 years:

  • up to the 65th anniversary for the stronger sex;
  • up to 60 – for the fair half.

Many citizens of the country are interested in whether there are any benefits or conditions for the early receipt of a social old-age pension in 2018. The only exception is representatives of the small peoples of the North and Siberia:

  • Aleuts;
  • Nenets
  • Chukchi;
  • Evenki
  • Itelmens.

Elderly woman

Features of accrual to the peoples of the Far North

In distant 1999, a separate document No. 82-FZ was adopted, which established the right to receive social benefits for old age by representatives of individual nationalities. The law establishes an age, the achievement of which gave the right to indigenous peoples to receive food from the state. The document was adopted with the aim of state support and protection of citizens leading a nomadic lifestyle, subsistence farming and engaged in folk crafts. The old-age social pension in 2018, as before, will be assigned:

  • men when they reach 55 years old;
  • women after 50 years.

Order of registration

Old-age social benefits in 2018 are drawn up subject to a certain algorithm of actions:

  1. At the initial stage, it is necessary to collect a certain package of documents and draw up a statement on the desire to receive social benefits in old age.
  2. To appear in the state structure determined by law to submit the entire package of securities.
  3. Wait for consideration of the petition and decision. This is legally allocated 10 days, after which the future recipient of the allowance must be answered.
  4. The FIU will calculate the payment depending on the region of residence.
  5. Get the first cash payment, and this should happen no later than the next month after the month of filing the documents. For example, if the application was written in August, then the first social benefits should be paid in September.

Where and how to contact

In 2018, social benefits will be awarded to a person, provided that he himself is the initiator. If the documents are not submitted, the representatives of the Pension Fund, and directly its employees are involved in calculating pensions, will not accrue payments, since they have no reason for this. For registration, you must contact one of the organizations:

  • Multifunctional Center;
  • territorial branch of the Pension Fund of Russia.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Independently. To do this, you need to prepare documents, write a statement and visit the office of the IFC or the FIU. The institution’s specialist is required to accept the documents, and on the application put the date and his own signature, which will mean that the papers are accepted for consideration.
  • By postal service. To do this, send a registered letter with a list of attachments. Upon receipt, the employee who accepted the documents will put the date and signature on the return spine.
  • Through the legal representative. The procedure can be carried out in the presence of a notarized power of attorney. When filling out an application, it is necessary to write in the appropriate column “through the applicant” and indicate the representative.
  • Using the internet. Everyone can register on the official website of the Pension Fund of Russia, after which, through a personal account, apply for the appointment of his old age allowance in 2018.

Social pension

Application Writing Rules

An application for a social old-age pension in 2018 can be filled out through your personal account on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia or by hand by downloading the form on the portal itself. Data must be entered legibly and correctly, without allowing corrections. If the application is submitted by a stateless person or a foreign citizen, some data will need to be entered in the national language of the applicant.

Of the information that needs to be indicated in the application, it is listed:

  • name and address of the specific branch of the FIU to which the applicant applies;
  • surname, name, patronymic of a person according to the passport;
  • passport data;
  • registration address (registration);
  • address of the actual place of residence or stay;
  • SNILS number;
  • contact details of the applicant;
  • the presence / absence of dependents;
  • information on labor activity, if the person was formalized;
  • if the application is submitted by the applicant, indicate his personal data;
  • list of documents attached to the application.

What documents must be provided

Since the old-age social pension in 2018 is paid from the federal budget, a basis will be required for its calculation. Of the documents that are required from the applicant, are:

  • an application drawn up in form and signed by the applicant;
  • pensioner’s ID;
  • identity document of a citizen – his passport, regardless of citizenship;
  • for foreigners and stateless persons it is necessary to provide papers proving their legal stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, for example, a residence permit;
  • confirmation of a person’s belonging to the peoples of the Far North;
  • power of attorney to perform actions on behalf of the retirement age;
  • documents proving the presence of seniority.

An elderly person or his legal representative can submit the collected papers only when the right to receive social security benefits is reached — reaching the age specified by law. The specialist may request other documents, but he can demand only those that the pensioner can independently request from state or private organizations.

The amount of social pension in 2018

If we compare labor and social benefits, then we can understand that they are charged in completely different ways. Insurance allowance is intended to compensate for lost income when reaching the age limit. For this reason, the pensioner’s salary, which he received before going on a well-deserved rest, must be taken into account. To calculate the social old-age pension in 2018, this is not required, because it can be paid even to those who did not work a single day and were not registered with the employment service.

Such a payment is in essence a state allowance of the minimum amount paid to a certain category of people. The amount of social pension is a fixed value that is established by law, and the living wage budget is taken as the basis. The last increase in social retirement allowance was made on April 1, 2018, and social benefits were indexed to 8742 rubles. The next increase is planned for April 1, after which the social pension in 2018 will be 9045 rubles.

Bundles of banknotes

Boost Odds

Unlike recipients of insurance pensions, applicants for social security for old age do not use any increase or decrease coefficients, since social pension is a fixed help from the state budget to certain people. Another thing is that for each category of persons who are entitled to receive a social old-age pension in 2018, separate minimum values ​​are set. So, for example, the contentment of a disabled child will be greater than that of an old man who did not work for an insurance pension.

The difference in the sums of payments by pensioners by age is fixed due to the different levels of the living wage budget, which is set for the country as a whole and in each region separately. For this reason, residents of the Far North receive more than pensioners, for example, in the Astrakhan region. If a person changes his permanent place of residence, then subsequent payments to him are calculated based on the region where he decided to settle.

Surcharges up to the cost of living

As noted, the cost of living is set at the federal and regional levels. For 2018, the basic living wage of a pensioner on average in the country amounted to 8540 rubles, while in 2018 this figure is planned at 8726 rubles. According to the law, a social old-age pension in 2018, which is payable to a person, should not be less than the minimum subsistence level in the region.

Social payments can be made from the regional or federal budget. If the pension in the region is less than the average Russian living wage, the federal budget makes up for this difference. From the regional treasury premiums are paid only in some regions. This applies to the city of Moscow and those regions where the cost of living is greater than in the country (Chukotka, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Sakhalin Oblast, etc.)

For an example of calculating surcharges from the federal budget, you can consider this situation. A pensioner receives 7650 rubles of allowance and lives in the Bryansk region, where the pensioner’s living wage budget in 2018 is 8095 rubles, which is lower than the average for the Russian Federation (8540 rubles). He is entitled to a surcharge from the federal budget of 445 rubles (8095–7650 = 445).

An example of surcharges from the regional budget looks similarly, with the only difference being that the payment is calculated not from the federal, but from the regional budget. A pensioner receives 11,700 rubles and lives in the Magadan region. The living wage budget for 2018 for older people here is set at 15,450 rubles, which is more than the average for Russia (8540 rubles). He is entitled to a surcharge of 3,750 rubles (15,450–11,700 = 3,750).

The minimum social pension in 2018 depends on the size of the subsistence level of pensioners in the region. In the table below you can find some of them:

Name of subject




In the whole of the Russian Federation

the Russian Federation

8 803

8 540

8 726

Central Federal District


11 428

11 561

11 816

Moscow region

8 950

9 161


Bryansk region


8 095


Northwest Federal District

St. Petersburg

8 540

8 726

Arhangelsk region

11 173

10 816


Novgorod region

8 437

8 483

8 886

North Caucasian Federal District

The Republic of Dagestan

7 900

8 374

8 680

Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

8 095

8 500

8 726

Stavropol region

7 524

7 975

8 135

Southern FD

Republic of Adygea

8 138

8 138

8 138

Krasnodar region

8 418

8 478

8 537

Rostov region

8 488

8 488

8 488

Volga Federal District

Republic of Bashkortostan

7 842

8 015

8 320

Republic of Tatarstan

7 526

8 232

8 232

Perm region

7 731

8 473

8 537

Ural FD

Tyumen region

8 530

8 540

8 726

Chelyabinsk region

8 499

8 523

8 586

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

13 425

13 425

13 425

Siberian FD

Krasnoyarsk region

8 411

8 540

8 726

Irkutsk region

8 801

8 536

8 723

Kemerovo region

8 059

8 208

8 347

Far Eastern Federal District

Primorsky Krai

8 744

8 967

9 151

Khabarovsk region




Magadan Region




Indexing social pensions in 2018

An increase in social pension in 2018 is planned from April. The figure is adjusted annually and for this year will be 4.1%. This is an established practice that will help bring the average rate of social benefits in the country to 9045 rubles. More specific figures will be known later and depend on the state of the economy of the country and the fullness of the budget. According to official sources, people who went on well-deserved rest in 2018 will not receive below the subsistence level established for a pensioner. They plan to pay extra from the budget, as was done earlier.

Calculator and glasses

Terms and procedure of payment

The first issue of money to a pensioner should take place next month after submitting documents. If representatives of the FIU decided that not all the documents were in order and provided him with an additional period to solve the problem, the countdown starts from the moment the papers were transferred (provided that the applicant invested at the agreed time). There are several ways to get allowance, but you need to choose one of them, which is indicated when filling out the application. A citizen can change the way at any time by writing a statement.

An old-age social pension in 2018 can be listed:

  • At the post office. Money can be received at the nearest territorial office, or at home through the postman.
  • Through the bank. There are two ways to do this. The first is to get a bank card and withdraw money if necessary at an ATM, or pay by plastic non-cash for purchases and services. The second method is a monthly receipt of money through the cashier of the selected banking institution. Money is credited to the pension account on the day it is received from the FIU.
  • Through a special organization that has an agreement with the Pension Fund.
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