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A popular motif for crocheting is the “grandmother’s square.” It is easy to perform, but it looks beautiful and original. The pattern is so named because it began to be knitted long ago. Interested in a similar motive? Then use the instructions below how to crochet a square and to create what things to use it later.

Where crochet squares are used

This motive has several different modifications, each of which has its own characteristics. By learning to knit the simplest of them, you can create many interesting products or clothing items, with adult or children’s models. Among the latter in such a pattern are executed:

  • cardigans;
  • poncho;
  • topics
  • scarves and hats;
  • gloves
  • slippers;
  • skirts;
  • dresses;
  • sundresses.

Along with cardigans and dresses, bags and wallets from grandmother’s squares are very bright and juicy. Various comfort items are created from it, for example, plaids, blankets, pillow covers, tablecloths, floor mats, potholders, mug coasters and much more. Someone is simply fascinated by ideas in the form of curtains or armrests for a chair or sofa.

What does grandma's crochet square look like?

Pets in clothes with a square motif will look very cute. What explains this popularity? Grandma’s square crochet very easily knits in large numbers, because the elements themselves are small. Then they remain in order to connect into the finished product. It is very convenient and fast, especially for beginners, so this pattern has long been popular. This base is used to knit different products, whether it be a cardigan or a simple plaid.

How to tie grandmother’s square

In the classic version, Grandma’s square is crocheted from the center in a circle. Then make several air loops (VP) for lifting, and then continue to alternate the columns with a crochet (CCH) and VP. So the required number of rows is performed, depending on the required square size. The edges of the product are tied with double crochets to make them more even. In the process, you can change the shade of yarn, creating interesting color combinations.

The given option is far from the only one, because there are several more modifications of the square motif. They are made in the form of snowflakes, triangles or hexagons, hearts, flowers and other interesting elements. They differ from each other, but the principle of their knitting remains the same – these are the columns that are carried out by introducing a hook into the gap or the air loops located between the columns in the previous row.

Granny square in Spanish looks completely different. For it, contrasting yarn, threads of one tone or multi-colored are used. The beginning of knitting here is no different from the classic version. The difference lies in the subsequent alternation of long broaches through a row in combination with a change in tone. The finished product is obtained with a smoother color transition.

Grandma's Square

Simple crochet square from the center

For beginners, it’s better to be the first to crochet the classic version. It is very easy and quick to create. Start the square and the first row according to the following instructions:

  1. Dial 4 VPs, with the help of a half-column close them into a ring.
  2. Make 3 VP lifts, tie 2 CCH and 3 more VP.
  3. Repeat the cycle of 3 CCH and 3 VP 3 more times.
  4. Find the 3 loop from the very beginning of the row and make a connection in it.

A ring of air loops is not considered, so the first row includes items 2 to 4. The next one fits like this:

  1. Perform 3 climb again – they must be done at the beginning of each next row.
  2. In one corner, knit such a complex – 3 CCH, 3 VP, 3 CCH.
  3. Knit the 3 sides themselves under the air loops of the previous row, and between them do 2 VP.

So 2 row is carried out. All subsequent ones are also knitted according to this principle – they make double crocheted columns in the hole between the CCH groups below. Using this technique, knit a square to the size you need. At the end of the work, tie the edges with crochets. So the product will turn out more even and dense. Then it remains only to knit the required number of elements and connect them using one of the methods described below.

Simple Grandma's Square

Grandma’s Square in Spanish

The next version of the square motive for beginners will be a little more difficult, but with a diagram and an instruction it is quite possible. To create the first row, use the description from the previous section, because it is suitable for both types of such a pattern. The most interesting begins with 4 rows – here you need to start making hoods. It is recommended to take a thread of a different color for this. Although you can use yarn in tone. The sequence of knitting 4 rows step by step looks like this:

  1. Make 3 VP for lifting, 3 CCH and 2 VP.
  2. Then begin to knit in a circle such a cycle – 1 CCH under the arch, hook the loop in a loop of 1 row and freely pull the broach, align it in length to a double crochet and knit it: 2 VP. In this case, knit corners according to the classical pattern.

The next row will be the fifth. Continue to knit according to the same principle, only pull the loop already from the arch higher than in the 4th circle. The result should be an offset of 1 group of columns. After 2-3 rows, you can already enter the next shade. The number of circles and colors can be any, but the smooth transition from light yellow to terracotta and black looks especially beautiful.

Grandma's Square

Crochet Grandmother’s Squares

An important part of creating crocheted squares is their connection. For this, experienced craftswomen came up with many different ways. The beauty of the product depends on the quality of the assembly, so it is better to think over the methods of connecting the squares right away. There are 4 main methods:

  1. Single crochet. Another thread is taken, and it connects 2 folded with the front part inside the square. The hook is inserted under the rear walls. At the end of the assembly process, the edges of the product are additionally double-processed with the same columns without a crochet. At the same time, in the corners, 3 scs are made in 1 arch.
  2. Half Columns. The seam here is very smooth, so it adds decorativeness to the product, especially when using a contrasting shade of yarn.
  3. Openwork. In this case, certain schemes are used to connect, because of which the seam becomes almost invisible. A popular pattern is pico, which is tied around the edge of one element, and then attached to another.
  4. Using a sewing needle. The easiest option is to simply sew the squares with one or another decorative seam.

Knitting Grandma's Square

Thanks to the diagrams and instructions, it’s easy to connect everything you want, but lessons in the form of a video have one indisputable advantage. This is an illustration: you can monitor where and how to insert the hook, when to change the thread and connect all the elements. If it’s also easier for you to knit according to the instructions on the video, then look below for some useful lessons on creating square motifs, as well as products from them.

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