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It is useful for any girl to learn the art of asking for forgiveness, because not everyone is given this skill. You can be offended and want to wait until the guy takes the first step, but it’s better to admit mistakes and express them in the correct form. Depending on the severity of the situation, you can apologize in different ways..

How to apologize to a guy in his own words

Any apologies to the guy are full-time and in absentia, but it is better to ask for forgiveness directly from the person. Choosing the right words for a conversation is not easy, so you should know some tricks:

  • when talking, it is better to look in the eyes so that the conversation with the guy turns out to be sincere;
  • speak only the truth so as not to aggravate the situation;
  • if promises are required, then there is no need to thoughtlessly agree to all that is offered – it is worth promising only what the girl can fulfill;
  • don’t apologize to raise your voice and blame the guy additionally, his wrong actions can be quietly discussed after reconciliation;
  • the best phrases for reconciliation will be “forgive me”, “sorry”, “I was wrong”;
  • if the situation is simple, then the phrases “do not pout”, “do not be offended” will do;
  • the phrase should be accompanied by hugs and kisses.

Girl and boy

Apologies to the guy via SMS

In the modern age of the Internet, the easiest way to apologize in absentia to a guy. This can be done using SMS messages with the desired text and emoticon. When writing SMS, factors are taken into account:

  • frequency – do not bother the guy, it is better to be content with 1 SMS in 3-4 hours;
  • write sincerely and variably – SMS should not be repeated;
  • in the absence of an answer, it is better to change tactics, come up with a coveted and working text;
  • do not abuse emoticons and brackets;
  • Do not make excuses, do not shield yourself;
  • mention in SMS that relations are important and expensive to such an extent that the girl is ready to change;
  • ask the final question about the young man’s readiness to forgive;
  • there are original SMS texts on the Internet with apologies – it’s better to use them when you need to apologize for petty misconduct – in a serious situation, they will not take action;
  • no need to go on the occasion, allow yourself to be manipulated, knocking out recognition;
  • if there is a disagreement of opinions, one will have to choose between relations and intransigence.

How nice to apologize to a guy

If the act is serious, then you should think about how beautifully apologize. Men feel when a girl shows sincere emotions, therefore they are ready to forgive for actions in which diligence, perseverance is visible. Suitable romantic apologies, original tricks, a few more female tricks. It will be useful for any girl to know the methods of apology, possible methods of reconciliation.

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Romantic apologies to your beloved

Fantasy should be shown in the question of how to apologize romantically to a guy, because deep down, young people recognize this feeling, appreciate it when they do something for them with love. There are several ideas for reconciliation:

  • order a banner with an apology, hang it at the entrance to the house or in a conspicuous place;
  • present a box of wishes decorated with hearts that can be fulfilled with a certain frequency;
  • invite for a walk in the park, organize a picnic.

How to originally ask a guy for forgiveness

In addition to romance, guys understand practicality and originality, so you should try to apologize as follows:

  • make a delicious dinner from the dishes that he loves;
  • to give feelings of grievances to cool off – with a separate stay for a week, forget about communication, and with a joint – talk only on domestic issues;
  • original ear plugs, an ax of war, a certificate for visiting a spa salon for two, or even a star.

Romantic dinner of a guy and a girl

How to ask for forgiveness from your beloved guy

Women have 3 tricks that they must have in order to apologize to the guy in case of problem situations. It is important to use them in dosage, in order to make peace correctly:

  • tears – show them only when it is unbearably hard, otherwise weakness will annoy the young man;
  • weasel – if a guy showed gentleness during a conversation, then you can caress him, stroke him, hug him;
  • sex – they don’t have to deal with them every quarrel and resentment, because it will become a habit.

Apologizing correctly is a subtle art. No need to shout at him, so as not to cause anger and irritation. Instead, you can write a beautiful letter in which you simply apologize without charge and indicate the shortcomings of your loved one. It is better to write a short letter, not to indicate bad moments in it, and plead guilty with reservations. It would be ideal to paint plans for the future and indicate that a girl cannot imagine her life without a man.

For jealousy

Girls are jealous of young people about and without, but if they are offended, then you can apologize by actions. The most effective way is talking, hugs and a kiss. It should be recognized that this will not happen again, indicate the value of the relationship. For young people living together, you can come up with the option of washing the car, buying delicious food and drinks. You can strip or read poetry.

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How to apologize to a guy if he really messed up

Serious misconduct (treason, flirting with others) must have the base that you need to correctly apologize. First you need to understand why this happened, and why the girl did this. If this was an accident and the girl is ready to continue the relationship, then it is worth considering words and asking for forgiveness. You need to get the guy’s location, ask your friends to randomly substitute the meeting and find the strength in themselves to talk. In a conversation you need to sincerely confess your love, apologize for the misconduct.

Apologies for lying

Lying is not the most beautiful deed for a girl, so you need to be able to apologize for him. The young man will like the following ideas:

  • bake a cake on which to ask for forgiveness or reconciliation, invite to tea and talk;
  • make an original T-shirt with a joint photo and words of reconciliation;
  • send a bouquet with a note as an apology;
  • send an email with an apology in prose or poetry;
  • write a letter by hand, send it by mail or courier, put flowers there;
  • sending croissants with coffee in a bag is suitable, where a sticker with a request for reconciliation will be glued;
  • put a paper airplane at home, give a kitten or puppy with a bow on his neck and a touching apology.

Girl writes

How to apologize to a guy for behavior

If the face-to-face conversation is hard, then social networks will do. You can apologize like this:

  • send a private electronic card with words;
  • to put beautiful verses in their status as an apology;
  • write a post on the topic of error, plea;
  • Schedule a virtual meeting, translating it into a real one;
  • apologize in general chat.

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