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If you are wondering how to weave bright gum bracelets on your fingers, then you have seen on sale or have already purchased Loom Bands or Rainbow Loom creativity kits. They are designed for weaving jewelry with your own hands. This type of needlework originated in America and, thanks to its simplicity, accessibility, conquered the whole world. Girls and girls who enjoy the process itself, the result in the form of a bright fashion accessory, are fond of this. Try weaving, and you will get a lot of unique unique jewelry.

Types of weaving bracelets without a machine on the fingers

Decoration woven with rubber bands is very popular. This material is affordable, affordable for most people, so the finished product will be inexpensive, it will be an excellent alternative to jewelry. The needlewoman herself can choose the design, so the decoration will be unique. Independent choice of color scheme allows you to create an accessory for a certain style of clothing.

Rubber bracelets

There are many ways to weave on the fingers. Beginning needlewomen first master the lightest schemes, for example, in the chain technique. When the experience has become a little more, you can do more complex methods of weaving: “Caterpillar”, “Rain”, “Dragon Scales”, “Double braid”, wide and voluminous bracelet “Feather”, “Mesh”, “Flower”, “Strip” , “Hearts”, “Spider”, “Dragon Tail”, “Through Line”. These are just a few of the techniques you can master..

The technique of weaving bracelets from rubber bands on the fingers

Before you start creating a full-fledged accessory, you need to learn the basics of work. Consider the algorithm of actions to understand how to weave decorations on fingers. Take three multi-colored elastic bands. You can use one color, but all the beauty of weaving can be conveyed by different shades:

  • Put on the forefinger and middle finger the first elastic band, twisting it with an eight.
  • We put two more on the same fingers without removing the first. But do not lose sight of the fact that the second and third are no longer twisted.
  • First, grab one end of the lowest twisted, lift it through one finger, then through the second. She should hang on the second and third.
  • Once again, put on the bottom, lifting its end up. Remember that the ends of the elastic band rise when there are three more elastic bands on the index and middle finger..
  • We continue to weave in the described way until we get the right size.

Different gum bracelets

Another basic pattern is the “Chain”, which can be multi-colored or plain. It is executed as follows:

  • On the middle and index fingers we put on an elastic band twisted by an eight.
  • Pull the next one next to the first without twisting it.
  • We remove the first from the fingers, threading to the last.
  • Continue to get the desired length.

The video below describes the process for creating lightweight products such as Chain..

How to make finger bracelets: step-by-step instructions

If you have in your hands a set for weaving a variety of jewelry, then you should start with the simplest schemes that do not require special slingshots, hooks or machines. This will give you the opportunity to quickly get the result, try on the original bright decoration. After mastering simple schemes, you can move on to more complex ones: by connecting a fantasy, it is easy to create whole sets with pendants, rings, pendants.

With the improvement of skill, you can not limit yourself using only elastic bands. For complex products, try weaving other elements and materials: pebbles, beads, ready-made flowers. By diluting the weaving with such components, you will be able to create unique designer accessories. Knowing such secrets, you can weave jewelry that suits you personally, make accessories for any clothes. So how to weave on your fingers?

A simple rubber band for beginners

Simple rubber band

This type of weaving on the fingers is considered fundamental, easy, which helps to learn the basic techniques for working with elastic bands. If you master the simple steps, you can move on to other types of weaving without experiencing any difficulties. To create a bracelet you will need elastic bands and a fastener. Step-by-step instruction:

  • We put the first gum on the fingers of eight.

Do the eight

  • Next we put on the second, without twisting.

The second without twisting

  • Pull the bottom with one finger, drag through it, release it. We do this with another bottom gum.

Make a loop

  • As a result, you get one gum on the finger, pulled in the middle of the second.

How it should turn out

  • Put on another gum.

Next eight

  • Repeat the same steps until you get the desired length..

Repeat Step 2

  • At the end, transfer one end of the gum to the other.

Weaving ends

  • Put on the fastener and fasten the ends of the product.

Pin fastening

Braided Fishtail Bracelet

Fishtail Bracelets

When you have practiced weaving a simple pattern, you can proceed to complex techniques that reveal all the creative potential hidden in this type of needlework. When you masterfully master this hobby, you will master the mass of techniques, weaving methods, which make it possible to make original, various ornaments. Technique “Fish tail”:

  • We wrap the first gum around the index and middle fingers in the shape of a figure eight. On top puts on two more not twisted.

Eight again

  • Remove the lower left side so that it is between the fingers on top.

Drag the bottom edge up

  • Repeat the same action on the other side..

Repeat the previous step

  • Add the following gum. Raise the lower right and left up, lower between the fingers.

Take step two and three again

The knot turned out in the middle

  • We continue to add elastic bands to achieve the desired length of the bracelet.

Adding New Items

Half of the product is ready

  • When the bracelet is ready, we do not add the third gum, instead, remove the other two from the fingers. Next you need to fasten the clasp.

Fastener fastener

Video tutorials on weaving bracelets on fingers

The basic weaving techniques for a variety of jewelry models are available and clearly demonstrated in the video tutorials below. There are many techniques for creating beautiful, interesting finger bracelets:

  • “French braid” – the method got its name due to its resemblance to the famous female hairstyle. Weaving is easy, but the result is a soft, voluminous, chic decoration.
  • “Sidewalk” – a lightweight technique that allows you to create a wide, dense accessory.
  • “Rain” is one of the simple patterns of weaving, which will result in a beautiful, neat bracelet.

Before starting work, you should stock up on the necessary materials. Choose different colors, because the presented assortment is huge: from black to neon, acid, striped shades. In stores you can find whole sets in which there is a hook, a machine. There are also models of jewelry that are woven without special equipment: on fingers and forks.

See also: weaving bracelets from shoelaces.

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