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On the eve of the New Year holidays, all people, regardless of age, live in anticipation of a miracle. Belief in magic, fulfillment of desires is present in every person, and especially in children. What to ask for the New Year for an adult and a child? A selection of the best ideas for New Year’s gifts will help you figure it out.

What gift to ask for New Year

If you can’t decide what gift to ask Santa Claus, try to remember: what have you been dreaming of for a year? Material things, emotions or impressions – each person is missing something. Sometimes there are many desires and it is difficult to make a choice. To keep the gift impressions for the whole next year, choose the most cherished dreams.

Girl writes a letter to Santa Claus

Material presentations

Most people want to get something valuable on New Year’s Eve, a thing or item that they cannot buy for themselves. Options for useful New Year presents:

  • clothes, shoes;
  • Jewelry;
  • jewelry accessories, jewelry;
  • expensive perfume;
  • smartphone, tablet;
  • toys and games for children;
  • advanced gadgets for the kitchen or home;
  • gifts for hobbies, etc..

Impression Gifts

For a long time, not ordinary presentations, but bringing a lot of unforgettable impressions remain in my memory:

  • skydiving;
  • balloon flight;
  • certificate for participation in the quest;
  • membership for dancing, yoga, rock climbing;
  • a ticket to a concert, to the theater, to the premiere of the film;
  • professional photo shoot;
  • portrait, etc..

Fancy souvenirs

Creative people can be pleased with something unusual:

  • custom lamp with photo;
  • runaway alarm clock;
  • a sweet personalized gift (chocolate, a box of chocolates, cookies with wishes);
  • a fridge magnet with a photo made to order, etc..

New Year gifts

Trips and interesting events

New Year’s Eve is a time for fulfilling wishes, so you can ask for what you have long dreamed of:

  • voucher to Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, travel to Russia;
  • children – a trip to Disneyland, the residence of Santa Claus;
  • concert ticket: “Song of the Year”, Disco of the 80s, etc .;
  • participation in the master class: for adults – “Painting ties”, “Painting on a tree”, “Tea blend”, for children – “LEGO-design”, “Painting from plasticine”, “Making a space toy”;
  • participation in the quest: for children – “Treasure Map”, “Avatar”, “Kung Fu Master”, for adults – “Fire Station”, “7 riddles of the pharaoh”, “Curse of the pyramid”;
  • certificate for the courses “Driving Proficiency”, “Modern Photography”, “Computer Graphics”, for children – “Robotics”, “Natural Sciences”, “Pochemuchki”, Baby Dance, etc..

What to order Santa Claus for children

Basically, children ask for toys, sweets, gadgets, pets, bicycles, skates, sleds, etc. for the celebration. In addition to this, you can put warm clothes, educational or board games, and interesting books under the tree. Do not give your child only presentations that are useful in your opinion – shoes, household items, school supplies. He will not take them as a surprise, and the festive mood will be spoiled.

Toys from Santa Claus for girls

Surprise found under the tree should bring joy. Therefore, it is important to consider the age and gender of the child. It is appropriate for girls to present:

  • dolls – speaking and ordinary;
  • game set: “Shop”, “Kitchen”, “Hospital”, “Barber” and others;
  • interactive animal;
  • set for creativity;
  • baby cosmetics;
  • dance mat.

Girl with a gift

Toys for boys

Future men often tend to be like dad, big brother, superhero. Often they want the toy they saw with a friend on TV. You can choose a gift for a boy from the following options:

  • radio-controlled machine;
  • quadrocopter;
  • track with cars;
  • Railway;
  • weapons;
  • action figures from films, cartoons, games;
  • superhero costume (Superman, Spider-Man, Batman);
  • set of tools;
  • musical instrument;
  • skate, rollers, bike, etc..

Educational games and constructors

A great gift for a child for the holiday will be a designer or a developing toy. What children can ask their parents for the New Year:

  • LEGO;
  • 3D pen;
  • set “Young chemist”, “Entertaining physics”, “Assistant wizard”, etc .;
  • kit for the assembly of three-dimensional models of transport, animals, insects;
  • puzzle constructor;
  • logic game etc.

Interesting books and gadgets

The childhood of modern children is not complete without various gadgets. Be prepared for the fact that your child may ask for one of the following technical devices as a gift:

  • the tablet;
  • smartphone;
  • a laptop;
  • Personal Computer;
  • smart watch;
  • virtual glasses;
  • player;
  • wireless headphones etc.

Tablet in hands

Many children love to be read aloud to them, and as they grow up, they begin to read on their own. An interesting book will be an excellent present for such children. On the bookstores you can find many new literary works for children of different ages:

  1. 1–6 years old: “A Generous Tree” Shel Silverstein, a collection of poems “How many crocodiles do you want” by Yuri Koval, “How to Train Your Wolves” by Christina Andres, “Mashkin’s Fears” by Christina Scherer, picture book “In the Forest” by Peter Bagin.
  2. 6-12 years old: “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes, the story “Svintusy” by Roald Dahl, “The Crow and Her Relatives” by Vladimir Babenko, “Towards a Polar Bear” by Oleg Bundur.
  3. 12-17 years old: “The Crusade in jeans” by Tei Beckman, “Wizards come to people” by Alexander Sharov.

What to ask parents for a teenager for the New Year

Adolescent children can ask for New Year’s modern gadgets, accessories for them, gifts related to their hobbies or “adult” things. They should not give useless, unclaimed things, household items. By this you will only offend the child and show that you do not know his desires. What presentations will be welcomed by teens:

  • smartphone;
  • monopod;
  • electronic book;
  • case for phone;
  • camera;
  • virtual glasses;
  • a laptop;
  • the tablet;
  • presentations related to hobbies (sports equipment, musical instruments);
  • “Adult” things (branded handbag, jewelry for girls, expensive perfume for a boy).

What gifts can I order for relatives or friends?

Ordering expensive gifts to relatives and friends is not worth it. It is more important to get warmth, care, support and attention from these people. If they insist, ask them for something insignificant:

  • souvenir in the form of a symbol of next year;
  • a bottle of champagne to the table;
  • original mug;
  • towel;
  • cozy plaid;
  • shower gel, shampoo;
  • bath mat;
  • linens.

Presentations for relatives

New Year’s present for loved ones

New Year is one of the holidays when you can surprise your loved one, present a gift and once again prove your love. It’s not worth giving money, such a surprise will please only when the other half is saving money for an expensive thing. If you want to give a gift to your loved one, but don’t know which one, ask directly. What can women ask for:

  • gadgets
  • jewelry;
  • cosmetics;
  • perfume;
  • vacation package for two;
  • professional photo shoot;
  • subscription to the fitness center, gym;
  • Underwear;
  • clothes
  • kitchen utensils.

Young people will also be pleased to find a surprise under the tree. Please your loved one or fulfill his cherished desire. What men can ask:

  • car accessories;
  • elite alcohol;
  • additions to technical devices: computer speakers, wireless mouse, headphones, case or phone stand;
  • clothes
  • set of tools;
  • thermo-glass in the car;
  • electronic organizer;
  • computer game;
  • purse, briefcase;
  • office stationery;
  • fishing gear;
  • external battery for phone.
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