A lawn on the roof as a key element of the architectural design

A model of the Canoe Museum

This is what the official release of the project, designed by architects Heneghan Peng of Ireland and Kearns Mancini of Canada, says:

The museum design interacts organically with the landscape, rather than dominating it. In light of fatal climate change, its intelligent set of sustainable qualities wowed the jury selecting the best project, and not only with its unique geothermal heating system and energy-efficient solutions.

An inset structure with just two walls, one on the south side and one on the east side, and those made of glass, guarantee unprecedented low operating costs.

A rooftop lawn seamlessly integrates with the landscape

The structure feels truly elegant and natural, so we couldn't agree more with what Lizzie Rochon of the judging team said below:

The design of the museum is completely detached from the architecture, which focuses on the sole success of the author. It encapsulates a poetic space woven seamlessly into the Trent North Canal waterfront landscape.

Whether you're inside or outside, you can see the water and the canoes waiting for you to take up the paddle. I can't wait to see it in real life when it is built. It will change the way we think about architecture, because it's a true design icon.

The Canoe Museum project

For the sake of seeing Ontario's famous shiplift and the much-anticipated Canoe Museum, it's worth mastering paddling, you'd think?

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