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Residential exterior by Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Work by Mahoney Architects& Interiors

Lost spaces

Sometimes the rooms are not anchored to any place or are simply in-between. Then architects struggle to create some kind of window that will be a scenic outlet for them. This path requires a lot of experience and a wide flight of creative imagination.

Lobby decoration by LDa Architecture & Interiors

LDa Architecture& studio creations Interiors


For irregular terrain, the only best solution is to use the bridge concept in architecture. Not only is it powerful and dramatic, it's also a great way to connect the landscape to the main building.

The exterior of the house

Bosworth Hoedemaker project


Some houses sink heavily and treacherously into the ground, while others seem to float above it, creating the illusion of lightness and simplicity.

Living room interior design by Eck | MacNeely inc

Architects Eck | MacNeely inc


Today, this part of the modern home, and especially the apartment has been relegated to the background, as venerable designers believe that they can create the illusion of an ant-hill, however, if skillfully woven into the interior can create a wonderful room, pleasing to the eyes of its owners and their guests.

Home Exterior by Winn Wittman

A house from the collection of architect Winn Wittman

Room within a room

Such a technique is used quite rarely in modern interiors, but it still has its place. It was invented back in the Middle Ages to create aristocratic chic and reduce obscenely vast spaces.

Interior design by Smith & Vansant PC

The work of Smith & Smith Architects studio Vansant PC

Natural Lighting

Many designers are struggling to ensure that every room is buried in the sunlight. And no matter where the windows are: traditionally in the walls at eye level or above the head, they might even be in the roof, in any case, natural light can enliven even the most gloomy room.

It is especially interesting to observe how an interior changes its mood depending on the time of year or day. At every point in time, it's unique and charming.

Panoramic corner window

A project by Dick Clark + Associates

Details on the windows

There are many variations and modifications. And every designer has a favorite style that he tries to bring to the new interior, constantly modifying something.

Solar panels on the roof of the house

The work of Kipnis Architecture + Planning

Intelligent design

Gone are the days when people suffered from unbearable heat, constant drafts and cold. Solved this problem today with new designs. But there's another side to the coin.

If you overdo it or use this material incorrectly in construction, the house will turn into a vacuum box with no hope of fresh air. That's why architects value building fundamentals above all.

Luxury bathroom interior design

Interior by Bud Dietrich, AIA


Absolute symmetry is rare in nature. Here even look at yourself in a mirror and mentally draw a horizontal line in the middle from head to feet. It's unlikely that your two halves will be completely identical. And so in architecture, small indentations from symmetry make the structure less harsh and static.

Project of a house from Witt

Home project from Witt

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