Transform your home with chic stylistic solutions shown in the LUXURY PENTHOUSE in Paris

Interior of the study with dark wood trim

Marble, expensive types of wood, preferably in dark shades, mirrored panels and much more will further talk about the high level of your interior decoration. Original decorative objects and interior furnishings will only accentuate taste. Lights in the form of bubbles, Backlit mirror, enclosed in a solid frame, as well as a well-thought-out system of lighting and illumination are factors that make the design of this dwelling very attractive.

There is panoramic glazing in the living room
Open Space

The bedroom surprises not only by the luxury of the materials used, but also by the original form of the room. Dark colors bring peace and contribute to a great rest.

The hallway to the bathroom is performed with amber floor illumination
Interior of the living room combined with the kitchen
A chic penthouse living room interior
Flowers in the living room interior
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