The wonderful appeal of the frame method: history and modernity go hand in hand

The original architectural design paired with the high and spacious rooms, all together looks stunning! Strength and beauty, vertical and horizontal planes, wood and metal: perfect harmony. Sensual, secret and mysterious rural sophistication, not otherwise..

Rustic interior design ideas

History says that similar design of houses appeared in Egypt, about 2000 years BC. It later spread, to countries such as England, Holland and Norway. On American soil, the first settlers used only a primitive form of beam construction, in the construction of huge mansions were used materials such as white oak, as well as "soft" wood, which grows abundantly in the forests of America. With the arrival of masons in the U.S. has unfolded an entirely different production: larger and truly amazing! Bricks were added between the beams, as well as in the holes in the walls and frames, it helped to strengthen the structure and create a strong internal structure. The work was done to the conscience, and buyers laid out for such masterpieces of architectural thought round sums.

Interior design ideas in a rustic style

Let's now talk about another plus of natural wood, which undoubtedly adds to its glory and honor, namely the appearance, after treatment with paint. White and black, light and airy. The elegant furniture, coupled with fresh flowers, soft linens with classical lamps, unusual paintings in conjunction with expensive sculptures. A real fairy tale!

Well, we suggest summarizing our fascinating journey into this fabulous world. Original conceptual solutions of masters of furniture art will stay in our memory for a long time, because contradictory by its color range interior, an abundance of bright rugs, rounded sets, oval lamps and beamed ceilings to forget oh how not easy.

Interior design ideas in a rustic style
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