What should be taken into account when combining different building materials – tips from the designer

The use of concrete and wood in the interior

The use of wood as the main material for the ceiling, which is a lighter shade of wood, allows you to relax while taking a bath and completely forget about the abundance of stone that surrounds you. This is exactly the kind of combination of colors in the interior has the most positive effect.

A distinctive feature of such an interior is that the specific planes are decorated using the same materials. That is, if it is the walls, they are made of concrete, if it is the ceiling, then wood is used accordingly.

We could go even further and make the floor wooden, and use this material to decorate other interior elements that are located horizontally. But the designers decided to limit themselves to a small percentage of the visual.

The reason for the visual effect

Concrete has a neutral color that blends very well with brown shades of natural materials. Well, we should not forget about the emotional interaction that occurs as a result of using these names.

The use of steel and wood in the interior

Here you can see the perfect combination of steel, in the form of the metal frame supporting the top tier of the building and the roof itself, and the wood that was used to clad this chic dome.

Wooden elements unlike metal ones have some size limitations, so in this case we used an original technique that created the appearance of layering planks. Thanks to this, the resulting image is even more volumetric and fascinating, while retaining the effect of the grandeur of metal, and the warmth of natural materials.

The reason for the visual effect

Excellent combination of austere lines and regular forms, the source of which is steel, with a somewhat rough and warm wood surface. The image formed absorbs all these characteristics, which is positively reflected in its visual perception.

Using glass in the interior

White + white

The white color in the interior is applied everywhere. The reason for this phenomenon is the ability of this design to convey a sense of mental purity and expand the visual space of any room. Let's take a closer look at the property of this technique with a concrete example.

Light and glitter are the main stylistic components of the design of this bathroom. The dynamics of the glow of all the elements used, which from the first seconds captivate and attract attention, based on the alternation of materials with different surface textures.

Matte, mirrored or chrome are all descriptions of the items that make up the image of the interior furnishings presented. Therefore, it is not surprising that everyone who finds himself in such a room, feels quite comfortable, without the fear of slipping or accidentally soiling something of the surrounding idyll.

Bathroom interior in white

White + wood

A combination like this allows you to use a small amount of wood. Even a few natural elements are enough to enliven the whole image, giving it life and a special comfort.

The flight of stairs, made exclusively in white, creates the illusion that the stairs float in the air and lead not to the upper floor, but to the kingdom of unearthly light and the brightest emotions. With this combination of colors, only a few wooden spans are enough, the rest can be made of cheaper material. This is very relevant in cases where the family budget is not unlimited.

Combination of white and natural wood in the interior

Black + white

Black and white interior is a classic, and the images formed by using this stylistic device are guaranteed to be successful. This style can hide any flaws of the room, is suitable for all scales, and forms a special mood, where the dominant sense of exquisite style, unique charm, and the right, and most importantly, a healthy relationship to his person.

In this case, in addition to the color palette, the materials used in the interior design deserve attention. Steel and glass are the names of the elements that went into the basis of design components such as stairs and stylish furniture. Due to this factor the interior decoration of the room has got cosmic shades which allows classifying the image to the category of ultra modern and very original.

The reason for the visual effect

Here everything is as in the black and white photos, which, in spite of the subtlety of their thematic content, arouses the keenest interest of any audience.

Brick and steel in the interior

Wood + Stone

The combination of these natural materials in any case leads to an excellent result, and the interior, in the creation of which was applied such a design move, just doomed to success.

In this case, the stone plays the role of a kind of stylistic anchor, on which the entire design of the room is based. The choice of relief structure of the stone wall made it possible to create an interesting play of light and shade, which everyone can enjoy. The wooden steps perfectly complement the staircase design, making the interior harmonious and visually appealing.

Combination of wood and stone in the interior
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