The original cantilevered house on a small plot

Cantilevered house on a small plot

Adjacent to the garages are warehouses, cabins, life-support facilities and others that don't need windows. For a compact location, the architects dug deeper into the slope, creating additional space. Steps on the side lead up to the roof, which is also the courtyard area where the entrance to the first floor of the building is located.

The glazed block houses the living room, dining room, bar and foyer. Most of the bedrooms are in an enclosed upper wooden box.

A cantilevered house on a small lot

The front yard of the garage is lined with round slabs. This gets rid of dirt and allows grass to grow in the gaps. The V-shaped support that supports the structure's top block is sturdy and looks lightweight. It rests on a massive metal frame and foundation, forming a partition between the car boxes.

Living room interior with fireplace

Minimalist interior design. A rug in the living room highlights the area with upholstered furniture. Decorative fireplace also serves as a divider separating the dining room and bar.

Interior design of a kitchen and dining room

The dining room is compact, with a black rectangular table, matching window frames and white furniture and hardware. The harmony of the black and white tones is added by the sheen of the glass and chrome elements.

Floor plan diagram of a cantilevered house in France
Plan diagram of a cantilevered house in France
Plan diagram of a cantilevered house in France
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