A stunning architectural installation with environmental implications

Open Room in Beijing
Open room in Beijing

Inside the pavilion, an enormous ellipse-shaped window at the top provides a visual measurement of air quality. At a good time all of a sudden there's a great view of the Olympic Lookout Tower and the National Stadium next to it.

The Beijing Open Room

The design of this masterpiece is constructed in such a way that, depending on where you look at it from, it can be a "room in the city" or a "city in the room". Viewed from the other side of the Olympic Park, it is like showing the boundaries between outdoor dirt and the work of cleaning with air conditioners and filters inside residential and office spaces.

Outdoor Room in Beijing

By the way, these unique panels were recycled from the nearby exposition tent structures of the Olympic Park, proving that in today's world there are plenty of opportunities to improve the environmental situation even in such a neglected state as China.

Outdoor Room in Beijing
Open Air Room in Beijing
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  1. Everly

    When considering this stunning architectural installation, I can’t help but wonder about its environmental implications. Does this masterpiece incorporate sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs? Or perhaps it works towards raising awareness about environmental issues through its unique form? I’m curious to know how this installation responds to and contributes to the current environmental challenges we face.

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